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 "Lights On is one of the many big events I put on every year. For Our Lights On Celebrations I put together a community football game between MLK and Prescott. Whoever wins this match plays Lafayette and wins the community trophy for one year. The big highlight of this event is our half time show, where we have more schools like West Oakland Middle, Mack  students, and community programs come out and dance, play music, clown acts, and more. We also vendor free popcorn and cotton candy for kids, sell water, hot dogs, and healthy choices for parents and visitors. All monies go right back in to funding the next Lights On event.  There is something for everyone, even those who don't  want to watch the game. We have a whole section dedicated for our K-2 graders like face painting, interactive jumpers,  art station, hula hoop contest, and more. This event draws about three-hundred or more people." 

-Lateshya Johnson, Site Coordinator for BACR After School Program at Lafayette Elementary School 

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