For over three decades, Bay Area Community Resources After School Programs have had the privilege of serving the diverse communities of the Bay Area. They have done so by promoting the healthy development of individuals, families and communities through direct services, volunteerism, and partnering with the San Francisco Bay Area. The BACR family is a tight knit group, made up of passionate and creative individuals who have devoted themselves to the betterment of the lives of the children we serve. This blog was created to appreciate and showcase the achievements of our outstanding staff and their programs. Please join us on our journey of documenting the lives of the everyday heroes that serve in our programs.

Antioch After School Programs


The BACR After School Programs in Antioch are asked to display the work our youth do in our programs in the school district’s boardroom.    The displays are an annual event and are a representation of all 8 programs and cover 10 boards and display cases.

(Staff Left to Right:  Derrick Mazza, Alexandra Tagliamonte, Christina Cerna, Tennile Goettsch,

Yvonne Nolasco, Linshay Miles, Taylor Herrington, Sandra Salazar, Heather Speers, and Nathan Shapiro)


Antioch Middle School ASP

Antioch Middle School staff collaborating with the school day to help fundraise by selling the art the program youth created in the after school program’s Art Club.  The program youth were able to support the school day’s goal of raising money for their school resulting in a deeper connection to their school.  Clockwise:  Thalia Briceno, Phylicia Johnson, Colby Kurtz, and Derrick Mazza, Program Coordinator.  

At Antioch Middle School the youth have opportunities to participate in various clubs in the program.  The S.T.E.M. Club is using Keva Planks to experiment with geometry in building structures. 



The staff in the after school program at Antioch Middle work with the youth to build a community within the program where the youth and the staff build positive relationships within a caring environment.

Park Middle School ASP


The youth at Park Middle School in Antioch have many interests including making new friends, creating art pieces, exploring various S.T.E.M. projects, playing sports and participating in team building activities.

park 2 

Park Middle lead staff, Isaiah Herbert, is teaching the youth patience, improving their listening skills, and concentration through a game of musical tennis balls.

 park 3

Youth art created in the Art Club at Park Middle School.  The art pieces are mixed media of acrylics, oil pastels, and chalk pastels. 

Turner Elementary After School Program

The S.T.E.M. Club at Turner ASP are building sling shot cars out of recycled materials.  Youth in Turner ASP utilize found materials to support their critical thinking development by practicing the Engineering Design Challenge process focusing on Scientific Inquiry when problem solving: -Ask –Investigate-Create-Discuss-Reflect-Repeat


 turner 2

Program youth use prior knowledge to construct answers to Engineering Design Challenges. 


Art Club at Turner ASP

Art Club youth showing off their art in progress.  Youth are using oil pastels to creating art pieces.

turner 3 

Mission Elementary School After School Program

Staff leader, Linshay Mile, leads the Mission Mathletes in playing the NBA Math Hoops Game.  The youth practice math skill building while having fun with the game.


Structural Engineering at Mission ASP


                Youth have opportunities to collaborate while designing and building structures.

mission 3 

Youth use open-ended materials; the only limit is their imagination.

mission 4 



Activities at Mission help to support the youth to become intrinsically motivated to want to learn and see themselves as continuous learners. 

 mission 9

Youth in the program are given time and space to support their determination to succeed. 

 mission 5

Art Club at Mission ASP

Lead staff, Tennille Goettsch, is the art club instructor at Mission ASP.  The youth in her club use creative self-expression when working on their pieces of art. 

 mission 6

The ASP staff showcases the Art Club’s work in their classroom. 

 missin 7

Current artwork in progress, oil pastel pumpkins created using cubism artistic style.

Marsh Elementary After School Program

Young Astronomers Club

At Marsh Elementary, the youth participated in a shoebox planetarium project where the youth learned about planetariums and studied the history of planetariums. During their lesson, youth discussed what they knew about the stars and how stars make up the constellations.  The youth then used their newly acquired planetary knowledge to construct miniature planetariums and constellations using a shoebox.  The shoebox held the paper constellations the youth created.  The youth were able to use a flashlight to project their mini-universe onto a wall in a darkened room!


The Young Astronomers Club proudly displaying the paper constellations they created.  The youth used the paper constellations in the shoeboxes.  Marsh ASP S.T.E.M. program provides many learning experiences that utilize the “Hands on Minds on” approach. 



Belshaw After School Program

Belshaw ASP Builds Community of Youth


Belshaw ASP Supports Positive Youth Interactions


Provides Opportunities for Youth Voice and Participatory Decision Making

belshaw 3 

Creates an Environment Where Can Youth Support Youth

belshaw 4 

Fremont Elementary After School Program

fremont 1 

Fremont ASP youth learn about physics by designing and testing mini pumpkin chunkin’ catapults.  Youth learn about trajectory, velocity, and weight during this fun engaging activity.

Oil Pastel Frankenstein Picasso Art

fremont 2 

Fremont ASP youth participating in Youth Yoga Club lead by Program Coordinator Alex Tagliamonte.  The Yoga Club meets 3 times a week to work on “school life balance” to promote youth wellness.

 fremont 3

ASP youth are learning how to meditate before going into their homework club; this helps the youth to focus and relieves their school day stresses.

 fremont 4

Kimball Elementary School

  Kimball S.T.E.M. club working on their sling shot model cars! The kids look forward to club days all week! Cars are constructed from straws, water bottle tops, wooden skewers, rubber bands, and tape



Staff Toni Herrington loves teaching the kids new sports/games, like Chinese soccer.

 kimball3           kimball4

Sling Shot Helicopers


The youth constructed their helicopters using recycled paper and binder clips of different sizes.


The Kimball program youth testing their helicopters!


Kimball Builders Club building structures using Keva Planks