For over three decades, Bay Area Community Resources After School Programs have had the privilege of serving the diverse communities of the Bay Area. They have done so by promoting the healthy development of individuals, families and communities through direct services, volunteerism, and partnering with the San Francisco Bay Area. The BACR family is a tight knit group, made up of passionate and creative individuals who have devoted themselves to the betterment of the lives of the children we serve. This blog was created to appreciate and showcase the achievements of our outstanding staff and their programs. Please join us on our journey of documenting the lives of the everyday heroes that serve in our programs.

Cesar Chavez Elementary Expanded Learning Program- April 2016

 Chavez 2016


The staff and students of Chavez Expanded Learning Program have put an emphasis on reading. Students are given time daily to read using the I read, you read, we read strategy. Students also have routine access to a library of reading level appropriate books.

As pictured above, students in Ms. Eleana’s 4th grade class, read their novel of choice, Holes by Louis Sachar. Students in Chavez ELP have also read books such as Loser by Jerry Spinelli and Frindle by Andrew Clements. Ms. Eleana’s 4th grade class, will soon complete a project based on their reading, that will be presented at their culminating event.

We encourage students to read books that interest them and support them in the process. Reading logs are kept by students, to track their time read and as part of a school day incentive program.

Read to Succeed!!!

-Quote Courtesy of Program Coordinator Anselmo Ramirez


Grant Elementary Expanded Learning Program- April 2016

Grant2 2016 


The Expanded Learning Program at Grant Elementary and the East Bay Center for the Performing Arts hosted a “Family Story Circle” for parents to take part in the “Richmond Tales at Grant” project by contributing their own stories. This special event gave students and parents the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations by sharing their stories and hearing the stories of others. Parents brought a photo that shows an important moment, person, or place from their family’s past. We presented the photos on stage and had a “gallery walk” for everyone to see and ask questions. 


 Grant1 2016 Grant3 2016 


The “Richmond Tales at Grant” project focuses on the histories and cultural wealth of our community. The goal of the project is to validate and empower the voices, contributions, and experiences of Grant families, which are often ignored and/or silenced. The 4th-6th graders have recorded oral histories from their parents and family about their experiences living in Richmond and have adapted these stories into a script for a theatrical production. The final version of the script will be converted into a special book to be distributed to the families. The collaboration will culminate with a special performance that tells their stories and celebrates the diversity of the Richmond community. Stay tuned for the performance in May!

-Quote courtesy of Program Coordinator Andy Castro