For over three decades, Bay Area Community Resources After School Programs have had the privilege of serving the diverse communities of the Bay Area. They have done so by promoting the healthy development of individuals, families and communities through direct services, volunteerism, and partnering with the San Francisco Bay Area. The BACR family is a tight knit group, made up of passionate and creative individuals who have devoted themselves to the betterment of the lives of the children we serve. This blog was created to appreciate and showcase the achievements of our outstanding staff and their programs. Please join us on our journey of documenting the lives of the everyday heroes that serve in our programs.

Montera Middle School

Coordinator: Kenya Latimore


 The Running just got back from a hard run with  #Molly our awesome volunteer.


Students enjoying the new chalk wall. Painted by #kenya


Home Economics hooking up some homemade chicken strips!! #Ms.Shaw

montera 1


Oakland Tech High School

Coordinator Taylor Wallace




These pictures were taken at the monthly First Friday event hosted by Oakland Tech ASP. The October event took place on the front stairs and lawn of Oakland Tech's cast campus so that all students would feel welcomed and could not miss it. At First Friday, we engage students in games and activities to promote Oakland Tech's pillars while simultaneously earning participation stickers towards food and drinks. Students are also able to simply mingle, find out more about the various programs that our ASP offers and get enrolled all while enjoying their favorite music from the loud speakers.


Rudsdale Continuation High School 

Coordinator Francisco Sanchez

Changing the perception of Continuation Schools.

Take a look at some of the awesome projects, fieldtrips and content re-sparking Rudsdale Scholars interest in education.  Our young people have 13 Elective offering ranging from Ethnic Studies, Urban Arts, Sports (Soccer and Basketball), Law (Fly Law), Sex/Drug Education (HiFy), Culinary Arts, Spoken word, Music Production and internship Readiness.  In our program, we emphasize the concept of Learning through Doing.  All the students we serve are exposed Social Emotional Learning and 21st century skills through the intentional curriculum used in all our classes.  Through modeling and allow students to lead activities, our young scholars our empowered and take ownership over their learning. 


Our Culinary Arts Class Discussing the importance of safety.


Ethnic Studies learning discussing School to prison pipeline and the prison Industrial complex. 


and making sugar skulls, marigold flowers out of paper mache for our community altar for Dia de los Muertos. 



Esperanza Academy

Coordinator: Ivette Vallejo


Lights On Event was yesterday!  We Rocked it out  and it was well attended!

Our theme is Healthy Living. The students have planned some wonderful activities and will facilitate them. Come test your handwashing techniques, Join the 5th graders in a variety of work out routines!




Esperanza Discovery Academy

Coordinator: Miguel Ahumada

We have had a great start to the school year here at Korematsu. My team and I have adapted to the KDA culture. We are constantly learning and growing from our students and they learn from us. We are implementing leadership models and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). SEL has 3 components: warm welcome, engaging practices, and optimistic closure. Using the components has helped us build relationships with our students and rest of the school staff.